About The Spicy Scribe Artsola

Artsolameelian is an author, but more than that Artsolameelian is what he chooses to be. He frees his mind into being able to enjoy writing whilst breathing life into it. One of his goals out of his endless amount of goals is to overrule that expression that states that something is “beyond words”. He believes that that is only said because the practitioner of the saying is not capable of doing so, not the language, and also thinks that if the language is actually unable to describe something fully, then it must be taken to a new level. Elevated to a new form. The boundaries and regulations placed upon writing are pushed by him. He desires to add a new spice, flavor, and definition to them by changing the classical perception of story. He also thinks formality and bureaucracy could definitely use a reformed standpoint of creative spunk humor. He will write and is in the process of writing stories unique and brilliantly structured in (and out of) content. He has written and published a book, and is in the process of crafting his next, whilst he promotes himself stupendous amounts. He is in a constant funky groove of improving himself, so that he may serve others. He is as much as on a journey on his writing adventure as you are, reading his books. If not more…


5 thoughts on “About The Spicy Scribe Artsola”

      1. Every November there is National Novel writing month, online you can post your progress and follow friends and meet new people on the forums. The website has forums and pep talks throughout the month. The goal is to write 50k words (100 pages) in 1 month. It’s just an interesting approach to creative writing. I’ve never gotten to the 50k any year, but I have participated. It’s mostly for fun 🙂
        here’s a link to the website: http://nanowrimo.org/about

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